Dublin Festival: 1 City, 1 Book - April events with the Barrytown gang..

Dublin: One City, One Book  encourages everyone to read at least one book connected to Dublin during April.
This year it has chosen Roddy Doyle's The Barrytown Trilogy for it's 10th annual festival programme..
The trilogy is made up of The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van.
The festival programme will animate the Barrytown Trilogy throughout the month of April. The programme includes a big music event, author readings, film screenings, talks on Dublin humour, and Irish society in the 1980's, and much more.
For full details of events see Dublin: One City, One Book
Come to the library, and see a display of  Roddy Doyle books that you can borrow.
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Library Hours Sat 28 Mar - Sat 11 April..

Monday 30 - Thursday 2 April 2015
9.15am - 5pm

Friday 3 -Monday 6 April  :   Closed for Easter

Tuesday 7 April - Friday 10 April
9.15am - 5pm
Saturday 11 April Closed
Normal hours resume Monday 13 April from 8am - 8pm.
For full details of all library hours, events and exhibitions go to:
Renew your loans here 
Library staff wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

Calling all 3rd & 4th years -The Undergraduate Awards 2015-deadline 29 May...

The 2015 Undergraduate Awards Programme is now open for registration and submissions.
The deadline for this year is 29th May 2015
The Undergraduate Awards programme is open to all penultimate and final year undergraduate students in a degree course, as well as 2014 graduates, from all disciplines

Who, What & How?
The Prize

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Library Hours Mon 16 March - Sat 21 March...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Monday 16 , Wednesday 18, and Thursday 19 March: 8am - 8pm

Tuesday 17 March closed for St. Patrick's Day Holiday

Friday 8am - 5pm

SATURDAY 21st MARCH we are OPEN from 10am - 5pm

For all details of opening hours, exhibits and events go to:Library Hours
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Taylor and Francis Science and Technology Library access until the 31st of March 2015

We are pleased to announce a trial of the Taylor and Francis Science and Technology Library until the end of March to which all our library users have access. This resource contains over 450 leading journals in science and technology. Enjoy!

Irish Newspaper Archives-trial until 30th April 2015..

The library has arranged a trial to Irish Newspaper Archive until 30 April 2015.
Irish Newspaper Archive is the world's largest online archive of Irish national, regional, out-of date newspapers, journals and other documents of historical interest.
The content is updated daily with both legacy newspapers and current newspapers.
You will be able to search, retrieve, print and save information from more than 30 titles dating from 1738 to the present day, including the Irish Independent, the Irish Press, the Irish Farmers Journal, The Freemans Journal and many more.

To access please go to: Irish Newspaper Archives and enter your library PIN details

Retrieve and view Ireland's past exactly as it was originally published!
                                           Irish Independent April 26 1916 

    Freemans Journal January 2 1924
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EMERALD Database Downtime...

Due to upcoming maintenance the database Emerald Insight, is scheduled for downtime to take place on Friday 20 February 2015, between 23:00 GMT and 03:00 GMT. During this maintenance window, Emerald Insight will be unavailable for up to 1 hour. If you access the website during this time you will receive a 'connection timeout', or similar message, within your browser. Please note that this may also affect some functionality on emeraldgrouppublishing.com.

The website maintenance updates are part of Emerald's customer focused development initiative, which aims to deliver an enhanced user experience.
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E-TEXTBOOKS on library shelf for you to download....

The library shelves now host a growing collection of free peer-reviewed electronic textbooks to view from the comfort of your smart phone ,device, pc or laptop. 
If you see a box on the library shelf like the ones in the picture above all you have to do is capture the QR code on the box to download the book. You will need a QR scanning app. on your smart phone to do this, or visit the URL beneath the code on the box.

Listed below are some of the books with class number that you can download straight from the shelf:
301     Introduction to Sociology 
330     Principles of Economics 
338.5  Principles of Micro-Economics  
339     Principles of Macro-Economics  
515     Pre-calculus 
519.5. Introductory Statistics 
530     College Physics 
570     Biology 
570     Concepts of Biology 
571     Anatomy and Physiology 
973     U.S. History
You can also access these books in other ways:
Search for title of book on the library catalogue and click on link to download the book.
Go to: Databases A-Z and select OpenStax e-books and click on the cover of the book you want.
Open Stax College is a not for profit organisation committed to improving student access to quality learning materials.

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